Application for Admission to Nursery

Guidance Notes

Items marked mandatory must be completed

Guidance Notes
Please note that this is an on-line form and is NOT to be printed and filled in by hand.
a) The attached application form may only be made by the parent(s) / guardian(s) holding parental responsibility for the child concerned. If you do not hold parental responsibility for the child concerned, you will need to arrange for the application to be completed by the person holding parental responsibility, or alternatively provide written permission.
b) Parents are invited to express up to three preferences (in order of priority) in the event that admission to the preferred nursery is refused.
c) If you are moving into Monmouthshire, we will require you to provide us with evidence to verify the address that you will be moving into. Suitable evidence would be a copy of your exchange of contracts / rental agreement.
d) We will endeavour to process your application within seven working days. However, in some circumstances, e.g. if your child has Additional Educational needs / behavioural issues, we may take a little longer to process your form.
e) If your child is not a British / EU citizen, you will be required to provide us with a copy of your child's visa at the time of application.
f) Applications are processed and prioritised in date order of receipt. If the number of application forms received on a particular day exceed the number of available places, the Authority's oversubscription criteria will be applied to determine who is to be awarded the place(s).
g) If the admission number (maximum number) has not been met, and your child's additional needs (if applicable) can be met at this nursery, your application will be approved. You will receive written confirmation of this and your child cannot start nursery until this is received. You will then need to contact the Headteacher to arrange a suitable start date.
h) If the admission number (maximum number) has been met it will be necessary for the Local Authority to refuse the admission. In these circumstances, a letter will be issued outlining the reason for the decision. In the event that your child is refused a place at your preferred nursery, you will be offered a place at your alternative preference (if available) / next nearest available nursery.
i) Applications in respect of looked after children (in the care of the Local Authority) must be completed by the Social Worker. The Social Worker should also inform the Local Authority's Looked After Children's Education Coordinator to inform them of the proposed move.